Our Mission

is to glorify God by making and multiplying disciples who

Delight in Him

Disciple with the Word

Declare the Gospel to neighbor and Nations


God is True and has made His Truth known in His Word and the person of Jesus Christ. For this reason, we seek to know, live, and proclaim Truth out of a love for God.
The resurrection of Jesus means renewal is possible.  That which is dead or dying because of the impact of sin can be made new.  We’ve seen it in our own lives.  As a church we hope in the “renewal of all things” that will come in the future and we live to see renewal in the lives of individuals, families, businesses, and the city as they encounter the whole Gospel.
Life was meant to be lived with others.  Laughing, eating, drinking, praying, thinking, learning, playing and serving is always better when we do it together. We connect with others who live near us to love, care and encourage each other and as we do that we seek to make the Hope we’ve found known and available to whoever we encounter.
Mission is not merely what we do; it is who we are. As a missional church made up of individuals with God’s Spirit within us, we seek to live out the implications of a whole gospel for the whole person and city. This happens locally and globally as we redemptively engage peoples and cultures.  This is embodied corporately, communally and individually.

The Truth is made known to us.  We can be renewed, carry the Hope to others, see them renewed, and hope in the renewal of all things.  The natural response to any and all of those things is celebration.  We will be known as the people who celebrate. On Sundays, at coffee shops, in living rooms and backyards; everywhere we go we will celebrate the work of God in our lives, our neighborhoods and in our city.

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